• Cold Brook Farm, NJ
  • Cold Brook Farm, Hunterdon County, NJ
  • Cold Brook Farm, Hunterdon County, NJ
  • Cold Brook Farm, Hunterdon County, NJ
  • Cold Brook Farm, NJ
  • Cold Brook Farm, Hunterdon County, NJ

Cold Brook Farm (CBF) is a unique homestead nestled in one of the most picturesque, well-preserved parts of Hunterdon County, NJ. Here, we strive to live a life that is sustainable, in harmony with nature, and supportive of our local community.

Cold Brook Farm is an organic farm dedicated to regenerative farming practices and sustainable land use. We are passionate about maximizing the biodiversity and health of the land that surrounds our zero-energy home, and we hope to assist others in learning about sustainable, net-zero living.

Latest news
Homemade @coldbrookfarm light Whole Wheat. Love baking bread almost as much as eating it!!
Our first 100% Whole Grain ALL @coldbrookfarm breads.  10% Danko Rye and 45% each Einkorn and Glenn Wheat.  We recently switched to a Whole Foods, Plant Based - SOS diet here at the Farm and wanted to try to eliminate that last bit of processed flour (even though it was local, organic and minimally processed). Stay tuned!! They sure smell great! #coldbrookfarm #rivervalleycommunitygrains #diamondjfarmsnj #negrains #localgrains #einkornflour #dankoryeflour #glennwheat
It’s Autumn in Tewksbury. A moody time of year. #autumn #tewksburynj #coldbrookfarm #covercrops #clouds
A new neighbor! I hope this beauty sticks around! @raritanheadwaters
Cover Crop (Mustard) coming in!  This is to add nutrients and stabilize the soil before the fall rains.  This will either frost kill or be mowed and stay on the field until we plant next Spring.
First breads from our 2022 harvested  Glenn Wheat. These also include last year’s #einkornflour and #dankoryeflour . This year’s Glenn Wheat will be available through our friends @rivervalleycommunitygrains and other select farm stands in the region. #coldbrookfarm #diamondjfarmsnj #locavoremovement #negrains #njgrains
What a glorious sight!
#nofilter #coldbrookfarm #rainbows
Dancing (and praying/preying) on air! #prayingmantis #iphonephotography #bugsarecool #nonnativespecies #coldbrookfarm
Start of another gorgeous day at the Farm…
The Combine Header has arrived. We harvest tomorrow!!!
Rain, glorious rain!!!!! Glenn wheat’s almost ready to come off the field!!
Cold Brook Farm is not just about healthy food and healthy people…Regenerative Agriculture (and our own values) aims to improve the health of the environment for ALL living things. #backyardhabitat  #pollinatorfriendly #nationalwildlifefederation #xercessociety #pesticidefreezone #savetheearth #coldbrookfarm #njaudubon #makingadifference @pinelandsnursery Thanks for the 1200(!) plants!!
Happy Holiday from Cold Brook Farm!  It’s a gorgeous day to hand clip the remaining seed heads of creeping thistle in our gorgeous field of organic Glenn Wheat!