• Cold Brook Farm, NJ
  • Cold Brook Farm, NJ
  • Cold Brook Farm
  • Cold Brook Farm, NJ
  • Cold Brook Farm, NJ
  • Cold Brook Farm, Hunterdon County, NJ

Cold Brook Farm (CBF) is a unique homestead nestled in one of the most picturesque, well-preserved parts of Hunterdon County, NJ. Here, we strive to live a life that is sustainable, in harmony with nature, and supportive of our local community.

Cold Brook Farm is an organic farm dedicated to regenerative farming practices and sustainable land use. We are passionate about maximizing the biodiversity and health of the land that surrounds our zero-energy home, and we hope to assist others in learning about sustainable, net-zero living.

Latest news

Buttoned up for Winter.  Just like the rest of the Farm.  Good to be home! #coldbrookfarm #ecobeesupply #winteronthefarm
Farm’s tucked in for winter.  VACATION time!! #coldbrookfarm #farmersworkhard #vacationtime
Cold Brook Farm’s Fall Honey now in jars!  Production was extremely low due to prioritizing the health of the bees and wanting to leave them with loads of food for the coming Winter.  It’s much richer, more unctuous and broader on the palate than our Spring Honey, partly due to the 10 acres of cover crop on our wheat field that included buckwheat while the Cold Brook Bee Team was doing its work!  A California Cab compared to Spring’s Burgundy!! We have very limited quantities available for sale.  Message us if you’d like some. #coldbrookfarm #honey #terroir
Black Walnuts hung to dry in burlap bags in the barn. I jostle them around every few days and in a month they should be ready to eat!
End-of-season bounty. Shishitos and Bells. Thank you, peppers!! You rocked!And thank you @ethosfarmproject for the hearty and hardy plants!! #coldbrookfarm #raisedbeds #growyourownfood #gardening #thankstothepollinators
Our friend, physician extraordinaire and fellow regenerative organic farmer, Ron Weiss, MD joined us for some time at Cold Brook Farm last evening.  Shortly afterwards we disked our gorgeous cover crop back into the soil… #coldbrookfarm #ethosfarm #friends #covercrop #regenerativefarming #regenerative #farminglife
Getting Ready for Winter!!
Cold Brook Farm.  Start of a new day.
Wildflowers, blue sky, powered by the sun…a gorgeous day here at Cold Brook Farm!
Cover Crop.  Day 14.  Give back to the soil and the soil gives back to you!