• Cold Brook Farm, Hunterdon County, NJ
  • Cold Brook Farm, Hunterdon County, NJ
  • Cold Brook Farm, Hunterdon County, NJ
  • Cold Brook Farm, Hunterdon County, NJ
  • Cold Brook Farm, Hunterdon County, NJ
  • Cold Brook Farm, Hunterdon County, NJ

Cold Brook Farm (CBF) is a unique homestead nestled in one of the most picturesque, well-preserved parts of Hunterdon County, NJ. Here, we strive to live a life that is sustainable, in harmony with nature, and supportive of our local community.

Cold Brook Farm is an organic farm dedicated to regenerative farming practices and sustainable land use. We are passionate about maximizing the biodiversity and health of the land that surrounds our zero-energy home, and we hope to assist others in learning about sustainable, net-zero living.

Latest news
Happy Holiday from Cold Brook Farm!  It’s a gorgeous day to hand clip the remaining seed heads of creeping thistle in our gorgeous field of organic Glenn Wheat!
An abundance. A garden is a beautiful thing. #growyourownfood #coldbrookfarm #cucumber #bushbeans #freshandorganic
A fox’s commentary on us humans!  OK, it’s a slightly gross picture, but it always amazes me how the foxes on our property pick places like this to “make a statement!”
A foggy start to World Series of Birding Day…26 species in the first 10 minutes!  Off to the oaks at the bottom of the field…
Mother’s Day Bird Walk!
Stunning morning on Cold Brook Farm…
Glenn Wheat. 2022.  #coldbrookfarm #rivervalleycommunitygrains #diamondjfarmsnj #localgrains #glennwheat #regenerativeagriculture
And then there were ten…acres planted to Glenn Wheat!  After what has been a really tough Spring weather-wise, we took advantage of the smallest of windows and got the last three acres here at Cold Brook Farm disked, rolled and seeded with Glenn Wheat today just hours ahead of the rain.  If it rains as predicted,  the window on our planting season will be slammed shut and we would have to leave the last three acres for a cover crop only. @diamondjfarms_nj You Rock! @rivervalleycommunitygrains Here we go again! #coldbrookfarm #growinggrains #negrains #glennwheat #teamworkmakesthedreamwork
Finally getting our Glenn Wheat into the ground.  It’s been a darn wet Spring and so we had to abandon doing half the field in Oats and go all Wheat.  And, even the area we are ready to plant to wheat is down by 1/3 as part of the field is STILL too wet.  Oh well, we’ll get a lovely cover crop in once it’s dry enough and feed the birds and critters.  Mother Nature…THE BOSS!! #coldbrookfarm #diamondjfarmsnj #rivervalleycommunitygrains #mothernaturerules #glennwheat #localgrains #localfoodmovement
Start of the 2022 Growing Season here at Cold Brook Farm. Consistent with our extremely low impact / regenerative farming practices, this is the first time we have disked the field since October 6, 2020…nearly 18 months of letting nature do it’s thing! #coldbrookfarm #diamondjfarmsnj #regenerativeagriculture #regenerativefarming #gehloats #glennwheat #farminginnj #diskingfields
More seed arrived for our 2022 crop @coldbrookfarm . Thanks @rivervalleycommunitygrains ! Spring is coming!! We will keep you posted! #coldbrookfarm #rivervalleycommunitygrains #negrains #glennwheat #regenerativeagriculture #regenerativefarming #localgrains #farmtotable